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READ MORE REVIEWS. Best Time to Visit Tanzania. We specializing in Tanzania family Safari Packages, Honeymoon Safaris, Serengeti Great Migration Safari, Photography Safaris, Private Wildlife Safari, Mountain Trekking, and hiking (Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru). Generally speaking, the peak period to visit is between June and November when the Kusi (southerly) trade winds blow and the sun shines … Best time of year to visit . Explore our sample Tanzania safari itineraries and contacts for your tailor-made adventure! Selous and Ruaha are isolated Southern Circuit Parks which are rarely busy compared to the northern parks, but game viewing is better in the dry from late June or early July to October as the foliage is less dense and congregating wildlife arrive at central water sources. The country has low and high seasons in different areas at different times, due to the movement of the animals and the rainfall. why Tanzania is the Best Country for Safari. You can without much of a stretch recognize the wildlife thinking around the Tarangire River for water amid this period. AfricanMecca can arrange an unforgettable wildebeest migration vacation in northern Tanzania for you to coincide with their passage. The best time to visit Tanzania for the beaches is during the months of January and February when the hot sun makes the cool breeze and ocean waves more enjoyable. The month of July/ August is the Best Time to See Wildebeest River Crossing at Northern Serengeti Masai Mara River. You may optionally extend out to Southern or Western parks like Selous, Ruaha, Katavi or Mahale - Gombe ending with a beach vacation and Swahili cultural tour in the exotic spice island of Zanzibar, Pemba, Mafia or Fanjove. The dry months offer good wildlife viewing throughout Tanzania. Lake Eyasi is northern Tanzania popular and top destination attractive with local hunting people Hadzabe and Datoga the pastoralist society. International Phone: +44 (161) 870-6092. Further updated information is available at your local Foreign Office. Explore Tanzania holidays and discover the best time and places to visit. Let Us Help Plan Your Trip Itinerary Correctly, Understand Beach Tier Ratings & Experiences, Top 10 Trip Reasons For Tanzania Vacations & Holidays, Write A Travel Or Tourist Trip Review To Share Your Experiences, AfricanMecca, Inc The safari-cum-beach holiday choices and logistics are complex, but AfricanMecca can make it simple and hassle free by guiding you through the best travel season experiences in pursuit of your African dreams in Tanzania. Prison Island. Review experiences available in Tanzania from photo wildlife safari, chimpanzee tour, bush walk, family to honeymoon beach vacation, snorkeling, diving etc. Best time to visited almost any time of year is a good time to visit Lake Eyasi. Remote Katavi presents its most impressive dramas in the most dry, from August to October, when crocs and hippos battle for cooling mud in shrinking rivers. During August and September, it offers amazing diving and snorkeling because the water is very clear. They can be visited all the year round but get heaving at peak times. The best months to visit these parks are from the middle to the end of the Dry season (July to October). Here’s the deal: Tanzania is definitely not an exception to this question. Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Tarangire, Ruaha, Manyara, Selous, Katavi Gombe, Mahale and more. The center and end of the dry season, i.e., June to October are best for diversion seeing as the animals gather around the Ruaha River, which makes spotting of animals less demanding. United Kingdom, UK Phone: 0161-870-6092 The best time to visit Tanzania, Zanzibar and the coast for a beach break, in fact, heading to any of Tanzania’s beautiful Indian Ocean islands, is during either of the dry seasons. January and February is the clearest time to see the glistening peak of Mount Kilimanjaro and acclimatize yourself by climbing Mount Meru with Uhuru Trails by AfricanMecca before tackling the highest African mountain and the world highest free standing mountain. Mount Kilimanjaro: the best weather conditions in which to climb are between July and October or January to March. The coastline of Tanzania is a year round destination and, with somewhere like Zanzibar having a different climate on the Eastern and Western sides of the island, guaranteeing the weather can be a little fraught. What are our Customers saying about us? Misali Island lies off the west coast of Pemba Island. Best Time to Visit Luxury Tanzania Lodges & Camps Luxury Tanzania Beach Resorts Tanzania Safari Parks ... Best Beaches on Mainland Tanzania Tanzania’s mainland coast is often described as the hidden jewel of the country and we are big fans of the region. The best time to visit Tanzania’s beaches is similar to the rest of the country. Visitors can visit Mountain Kilimanjaro National Park throughout the year. Although the wildlife viewing remains consistent, however, it is easier to spot the flourishing wildlife population amid the dry season. But on the off chance, if you want to trek Mount Meru, June-February is the month for you while December-February offers you the best perspective of the snow-topped pinnacles of Mount Kilimanjaro. The best time to see migration for your Tanzania Safari Moth by Month (Serengeti Wildebeest Migration, August –October, Dry Season Wildlife Watching, June, July August (Northern Serengeti Migration Safari) Wildebeest Calving Season, December to February). The best time to visit Tarangire is amid the dry season, from late June to October. In Conclusion: The the highlights above on best time to Visit Tanzania, a Tanzania is world’s best-venerated wildlife safari destinations which boast of areas like Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Crater, Selous Game Reserve and Tarangire National Parks with gigantic regular. However, the temperatures are consistent enough that visiting Zanzibar and the beaches is possible any time of the year. Allentown, PA 18106 Depending on the time of year you can enjoy spectacular safaris in the Serengeti or laze around Zanzibar’s pristine beaches. However, the timing of the migration varies every year, with the best chance of witnessing wildebeest river crossing is during June and July while from late January to February is the best time to watch the wildebeest calving. Paje Beach. EXPLORE MORE ON NATIONAL PARKS, CAMPS, LODGES, BEACHES & RESORTS IN TANZANIA, THREE WAYS TO PLAN AND BOOK YOUR SAFARI WITH AFRICANMECCA, Serengeti National Park - Best Time To Go, Tarangire National Park - Best Time To Go, Lake Manyara National Park - Best Time To Go, Mount Kilimanjaro National Park - Best Time To Go, Rubondo Island National Park - Best Time To Go, Lake Victoria In Tanzania - Best Time To Go, Udzungwa Mountains National Park - Best Time To Go, Gombe Stream National Park - Best Time To Go, Mahale Mountains National Park - Best Time To Go, CONTACT AN EXPERT ON TANZANIA SAFARI PRICES & TOURS, Baggage Guidance & Restrictions On Flying Safaris In Africa, Horseback Riding Safari In Masai Mara (Kenya) With AfricanMecca, Times Square New York Hosts Kenya Tourism Board & Wilderness Safaris Meet Up. Popular and Top destinations, the best time to Visit for your Tanzania safaris holidays. Follow Us On - Facebook, Twitter & Instagram: © Copyright By AfricanMecca Safaris. Further south, the verdant bowl of the Ngorongoro Crater supports a lively area, while past its parameters, unending cafés convey unbounded proportions of the berry-like blend. If it is possible then avoid the months of March and April as it is the peak of the wet season. Selous Game Reserve is open throughout the entire year for travelers. Vast swathes of beach line the coast, the majority virtually untouched by tourism. The best time to visit Tanzania, and go for a safari in Tanzania is during the dry season, late June to October. United States of America, US Toll Free Phone: 1-866-KARIBU-1 (527-4281) The best time to visit Ruaha National Park is, like most of the parks and reserves in Tanzania, in the dry months of June to October when the vegetation is thinner and the weather is a tad cooler. November to May coincides with the two wet climatic seasons in Tanzania (short and long rains) but is best time to go to Lake Manyara and Tarangire for birding trips, but not canoeing on the Momella Lakes unless you do not mind getting drenched while kayak gliding on the alkaline lake. The temperatures in the cool dry season tend to remain moderate to high, and since these fall in between school holiday months in the northern regions of America and Europe, you are likely to see an increased number of visitors in Zanzibar which is also augmented further as it also the best time to go on a wildlife safari in the parks and reserves of Tanzania e.g. THINGS TO DO. Review details on the best time to go to Tanzania to visit its various wildlife outback, lakes, rivers, beaches, islands, mountains, forests and other wildernesses. Moreover, it is important to highlight that the best time to visit Tanzania depends of course on what your plans are. When booking your safari it is a good idea to ask our  Consultant the best time to visit according to your specific needs and Travel interest. Misali Island. Best Time To Visit Tanzania On Safari. climate, history, geography, culture, entry requirements, what to pack and wear, tipping guide and more. You may find that your best time to visit Tanzania on safari could be when prices are lower, or the adventure stakes higher. Although there are numerous regional variations, the country has a pleasant climate all year round (30°C on average). This is also a superb time to spend time on the beach and in the waters of Lake Tanganyika or on a fishing tour around Rubondo Island in Lake Victoria from July onwards. When Is The Best Time To Tour Tanzania? It is ideal to avoid the months of March and April as it receives heavy rainfall. The question of when is the best time to visit Tanzania is a question that we are often asked and, in a nutshell, every season has its highs and lows. During August and September, it offers amazing diving and snorkeling because the water is very clear. It is best to avoid November and March- April, as the trail through the forest will be slippery, and the routes up to the summit would be covered by snow. You can also day trek or climb the highest mountain in Africa - Kilimanjaro. OUR HEADQUARTERS P.O BOX 10872, Arusha, Tanzania. African Safari Reviews Term & Conditions FAQS Partnership Request Travel Tips Camping Safari Lodge Safari Serengeti Migration COVID-19 updates Useful Swahili Phrase Photographic Safari. Generally, January and February are the high season for travel in Tanzania as the hot, dry weather is generally considered to be the most pleasant. You’re a most solid option for Zanzibar beach holidays with the greatest daylight and quiet water is amid the winter months and toward the finish of summer before the long rains get in March. Predators and herbivores are easier to track and spot during the dry season from June to October when they gather at permanent water sources and when the vegetation is most sparse. City View House - 5 Union Street The best time to visit is largely dependent on what you want to visit & how you want your visit to be. However, the best time period for trekking Kilimanjaro is during the dry season, from late June to October and, the patch of the dry season between the short and long rains from late December to early March. Mkomazi is best for large mammals in July and August, although its avian beauty is at its height from March to June. In this article, however, we have endeavoured to sum up what you should expect at each time of the year as well as giving you a few of the best accommodation and location tips based on our many years of travelling out to this fantastic … Found on the east coast of Zanzibar Island, Paje Beach is prominent for a long stripe of … During this period the weather conditions are conducive throughout the country; both for road access and an abundance of wildlife for viewing. During the other months from March to June, you can also follow their epic journey through south central to western Serengeti and then north where the cross over to the Masai Mara in Kenya. The Northern Circuit Parks, including Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Manyara, Tarangire, Arusha and Kilimanjaro offer some of the most exhilarating safaris in the premier wildernesses of Tanzania. At the south of the Serengeti lies a trademark life trove, hid in the volcanically-rich and profitable soil of the Ngorongoro Crater. Review information on safari camps, lodges, city hotels, beachfront resorts in Tanzania's pristine wilderness, cities, Swahili coastal shores and idyllic islands. In general, if you want to climb Kilimanjaro and visit Zanzibar, we recommend June-October. Best Time to Visit Zanzibar Like the safari destinations, tourists prefer visiting Zanzibar during different time periods depending on their personal preferences. The chances of rain are highly unlikely, and the temperatures are less humid, making these months a truly lovely time to visit the country. Best Time to Visit Tanzania for Safari, generally the dry months, late June to October which give better wildlife sightings, but they are also the most crowded months to visit. Contact us for your lifetime Adventure to bushmen tribes. International Phone: +1 (610) 253-7021, AfricanMecca Ltd 1275 Glenlivet Drive - Suite 100 This is when game-viewing is usually at its best in terms of numbers and visibility too, as the long rains are over, the grasses are starting to die down, and water sources become more important to wildlife. Experiences can be customized around your vacation travels. Review Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram real time social media news for Tanzania parks, beaches, islands, towns, Kilimanjaro climbs and more. Bonus: visiting Zanzibar in May means quiet beaches and hotels at discounted prices, and it won’t rain all the time either. Review information on wildlife parks and reserves in Tanzania i.e. The Best Time to Visit the Coast If you're headed to the coast for a spot of R&R (or to any of Tanzania's idyllic Indian Ocean islands), the best time to travel is during either of the dry seasons. Review Tanzania's unspoiled white, sandy coastal beaches and idyllic islands backed by tropical forests that are lapped by the azure waters of the Indian Ocean. This breathtaking spectacle can be seen at any time of year – provided you know where to look! This is when water is scarce and animals gather around predictable water sources. All this can be largely influenced by the weather on your time of visit Throughout the year you can visit Tanzania attractions but it is during the dry season (June to October) that is regarded by many as the best time to visit Tanzania All Rights Reserved. Review city tour recommendations on full or half day options in Dar es Salaam, Arusha, Zanzibar. Set in the white and enjoy the breathtaking top activities such as visiting Jozani Forest, Slave market, spice tours, stone town tours, safari blue, and more! The warm dry months from June to September are generally recommended for visiting Tanzania’s mainland coast or the islands of Pemba, Mafia or the beautiful Zanzibar . … Coastal Sadaani in the east is great in January and February after the short rains, or from June to August, when wildlife stays in the park. Tarangire teems with migratory wildlife including elephants from June to October when the primary river is the only source of water since the surrounding waterholes have dried out. In any case, the best time for wildlife seeing is from late June until October.

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