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Both of these will do, but Quick Luck is a slightly more complex formula. The only time I ever failed a test after drinking certo is if I smoked on monday. Update: Fortunately I did not have to take a test today So I am unable to post my 2015 Results I think I’m going to play it safe now Until I can find a more surefire method Back when I used this method in 2002 And it worked For me Weather by dilution or the certo itself I was pretty sold on the idea that it was absolute But now that I’m Doing research about it Over a decade later And reading that some people have not had The desired results Who knows really how I passed I don’t think I want to leave things to chance Quite an interesting topic though since it currently affects me and thousands of other folks It’s good to be informed Even if the information currently is quite Murky I will stay tuned for more Findings and opinions about this Cuz at the end of the day It’s about the right to privacy And the freedom to be free in a literal sense as well. I only had two days notice for family court. Hey, I was wondering if I could use the Certo method along with a Mega Clean detox drink the day of the test. The bile, which is a fat transporter, takes fat with it when leaving the body. If you know you have to take a test and dont stop theres no guarantee. Took test at 9:45am. You might be able to use Certo to pass a drug test if you have the right ingredients and use them properly. I’m stressing. Most home remedies are awful and dangerous. Yep that’s always best practice, the longer you abstain the better. Good Luck & lets hope they legalize this shit already. What’s The Best Synthetic Urine Brand For Drug Tests? I tested myself soon as I received it, around 3pm Friday. A big part of why it works is that it temporarily dilutes your urine a lot, which has it’s own downsides. But when its spring on you and you need an emergency cleanse… it works. Since you passed all your home tests, I’d say you would be in the clear for pretty much any test, since the cut-off level is generally the same (50ng/ml). Rescue 5 Day Permanent Detox Review: Is It Possible To Detox In 5 Days? Thanks. Imo, granted your test is unsupervised, the hands down best option here would be a good synthetic urine, which allows you to completely bypass all the THC that’s built up in your system over time. Getting ready for a drug test can be horrible. CertoClear Certo Detox Review by SSL. O and my drug test is some time next week. Better to either put some effort into proper detox, or use synthetic urine, imho. It’s what called a “home remedy” drug test method. This premium pectin contains 25 calories per serving, and is fat-free. I don’t care who says what about certo I am here to tell u it really does work I smoke everyday including yesterday and I took one pack last night and one pack at one pm today with juice my po urine test was today at five I pasted with no problems. What do you suggest, I have to pass this test and not sure if I should try the Certo method, the synthetic urine or anything else you recommend. Hard to get around the fact that if you’re tested every week, the only really effective way would be to stop smoking. I might have a drug test the middle to end of next week and if I do have to take one I will use the dilution and certo method. Certo is used to make jam, jelly and more. Although they’re not very different from any regular pre-employment test, I can’t help specifically with these due to legal reasons. It’s likely your 2 month abstinence brought you very close to the cut-off which is a pretty normal time of abstinence to get clean for heavy users (supported by passing at least one of the home tests also) and then the Certo did the rest to bring it under cut-off and pass. One should be fine, two won’t hurt if you can handle it. I urinated 3 or so times before testing. OK I have drank my 32 oz Gatorade with one certo package at 515 and drank 32 Oz of water so far and been pissing everyou 15-20 minutes have a 5 panel at 8 should I be good to go?? I’m a bit worried because I’ve never had any of my urine tests sent to labs, or, at a lab. So I’m wanting to know what would happen, if anything to my body if I drank it on a daily basis. The other obvious way is of course to actually detox properly and abstain, although this can take some time and I for some reason felt like that wasn’t mainly what you were looking for. Who decides what’s a drug and what isn’t? The first time I tried this method was in ’96 for employment. It’s good having several though as you say. Make sure to get temp right though. A magnesium supplement also could be useful, though you may need to experiment to get the suitable dose. The problem with diluting urine with toilet water is you fall below the right temperature range which almost all tests nowadays will detect and you’ll then fail due to low temperature. Going from testing positive, to testing negative, through dilution as well as well as through the fibers binding fat which has THC bound.. I’m here to tell you I just got back from my ua at my probation office and this method truly does work! Wish me luck. So indirectly, fiber takes THC  with it on its way out of the body, leaving less available for reabsorption into the bloodstream to end up in your urine. And people may believe it. Which is better to color your pee B2 or B12 and do you recommend taking a high dose asprin before the test or no? I got drug test in a hr or so got a half gallon down don’t think I’ll get rest of it drank my stomach is killing me and using bathroom left and right is this ok and I’m fixing to take b12 vitamin to give urine color it’s clear do u think I’m safe. My test was at 12, so I started my qtabs at 10am and finished the last dose around 10:45, followed with another 64 oz of water/Gatorade. I also had a detox drink from the head shop. I plan on using the Certo method before my orientation tomorrow just to be safe. Don't anything about Certo Sure Jell Detox , but of my friend used once Sure Jell to Pass a Drug Test for Weed. As for b12 or b2, either one works fine. I decided to stop wasting the tests so I took a qcarbo32 I had sitting here along with 4 pills provided (took 1 of the 5 pills a while ago). 1130, pissed into cup, still clear with hint of yellow. The people that write this stuff either dont smoke very much at all, or have already quit weeks ahead of time, which in that time most of the thc would be out of the system naturally. I don’t like getting so stoned I can’t get off the couch. The method described in your article above worked for me; so thanks, Sophie! I bought my box of surejell yesterday and the test is at 2pm tomorrow. The order should arrive Friday so I will take a few initial tests and have someone else take a few too as a control. I don’t know for sure here, but I don’t think they’d affect each other negatively besides the fact that all liquid adds up and makes your urine over-diluted (even if it may keep it looking normal since vitamins add color back). Ok so I have not smoked since Oct 25, I was about a 3-4 blunts a day type smoker for awhile. Drank copious amounts of water as well and ended up with piss that looked as plain as water. It’s an acceptable method if you’re on a very strict budget and don’t want to go with synthetic urine. As for comments and questions, I now accept comments only intermittently. Sheila I love your story.. that is rad that the cards were in your favor, with regards to the woman that ran the family owned trucking company’s 2nd hub. It often does, and it sometimes doesn’t. But I think the bigger question than does Certo work for all drugs, is does the Certo method work for drugs at all? Depends a lot on how much you’ve been smoking before the test as well, as in a puff a day or less often than that, or perhaps several joints daily. It’s still useful, especially since a lot of the effects come from dilution. My question is if the thc exits through the back door and the theory of the surejel is that it forces thc to the colon….why can’t one just take a laxitive prior to detox would this work after say two or three days for complete or mostly detoxing the system. So yeah probably, although the general issue of getting invalid result due to over-dilution obviously remains. Left for court shortly thereafter. So if it did not work, why would they test for the ingredients (chemicals) found in bleach…. I still came up positive for THC. I drank lot’s of water. I was given 800mg ibuprofin and a Tylenol 3 and for my knee I was given a norco. The Certo drug test method is one of the more talked about ways of passing a drug test using non-specialist products. After that you’ll need to drink about a gallon of water then urinate several times before taking your urine drug test. If i smoked a little bit more then a half with my girlfriend in a week in a half. Drink 32 oz of fluid with two or three spoons of metamucil or a pack of Certo. Used one of the Qtab packs and tracked my progress taking the first dose at 1pm. You buy a packet of Certo and a bottle of Gatorade. Should I wait and just take the certo tomorrow morning before I go, or should j take it once now too and again tomorrow? Why? As for if you passed your or not no1 can really say until you got those results. 9. I passed the mouth swab (which is Great bcuz I got a great job now) and I ended up having the ABSOLUTE WORST constipation ever! But certo is cheap enough, and amazon home tests are less than $1 a piece, so little is stopping you from actually downing a certo as you would on test day and then test yourself as you would with the real test. They’re going to take another at home test in two hours. Most home remedies are awful and dangerous. But as always, Certo works through dilution, so it would depend on how they analyze the test in your hospital. I’m so excited right now, almost forgot to burn one to celebrate. Please don’t ignore. Obviously, this may not be the case for all of you but I would like to think that a probation analysis would be more stringent than most job application tests or even randoms at a job. Alright. He drank the sure jel at 7 in the morning. However, this would mean a new test (NOT a failed test) and Toxin Rid isn’t time sensitive in that matter, it can be taken either the 10 days right before your test, or you could have taken it right away without waiting a week. Certo Drug Test Instructions. I don’t give advice specifically about dot tests due to legal regulations. At 7:30am I drank a vitamin c fruit blend smoothie available at any grocery store. Still, I see it as only a small piece of the puzzle of detox tricks and not my any means a viable way to detox with on its own, same as with niacin etc. I appreciate the procedure laid out here and thought I could add some “boots on the ground” context to the magical Certo method! Court was scheduled for 10am this morning. FYI….many employers consider a dilute specimen a fail (especially on pre-employment) and will not allow a re-test. Everyday smoker for almost 40 years now.Certo worked for me today.I used a method recommended to me by an aqaintance who swore by it but I took it up a notch.I did quit for 4 days but the 2 weeks prior to that I smoked an eighth of OG Kush,an eighth of Michael Phelps Kush and an eighth of Blue Dream.I am tall at about 200 lbs.It was a cup test(at court) with like 9 indication bars.This is exactly what I did in anticapation for a 9:15am or so test time(based on an earlier court experience).This time it was closer to 10:15am that I actually tested. I’ve been smoking about one or two bowls a day for probably three months. With both things the control line is clear and the negative line is faint. I’ve seen you mention that a faint line is basically a pass. Monkey Whizz Review: Silly Name, Serious Urine? I peed a good 5 to 6 times. Thats why the certo thing has NOTHING to do with fiber, properties of thc or any of that. I also plan using the certo method twice the night before and 3hrs before my drug test. Up until my interview, I was heavy smoker, 4-5 bowls a day. What are the chances? I’m 6ft and weigh 210lbs. As a bonus, fiber in itself increases your bowel movements, which is a good way to make sure as much THC as possible leaves the body before it gets a chance to be reabsorbed (this only matters if you flush yourself more than just on the same day of your test). In a way yes. I wouldn’t trust just the one method now that my research is more complete and plan on combining with a same day detox as well as doubling up on the SureJell method again. I’m very meticulous, which is why I’m the person all my friends come to for help when they got a drug test to pass. Probably wouldn’t hurt if you drank the other one no, except too much fibre could give you an upset stomach. I’m a California pothead. So, I smoke very little in the last 15 days minus the last three days, haven’t smoked at all. (Note: UA means Piss Test, bloggers need to cool that shit with the fancy words, Its over where the aspirin, and pregnancy test kits are at. I also know people who have passed a real drug test using all of the things I’m going to tell you about now. But they do cost money. Besides that there has been no usage. I share this because I think losing a job due to smoking marijuana in a state where it is legal to use it medicinally is ridiculous and hypocritical. So, please, lets find more proofs. What stands out is mainly that it removes the human error of interpreting a strip test with the eyes, but also that it automatically integrates your results into your background check report. Of course these kits are not 100% fail proof so I would suggest getting several to check more than once. So for me, the conclusion of this quick Certo drug test review is it could work if you’re desperate, but there are far better options out there that I would always pick first. As for dog poop – true, it is a natural byproduct and doesn’t have much use outside emergency fertilzer – but then again, there’s no science saying dog poop is good for you, but there IS science saying cannabis is (1) not as harmful in itself as it has been made out to be and (2) is most certainly beneficial for a number of ailments. I only took 3 per day The second most common fruit pectin used for this method is that of the Sure Jell brand (often referred to as Sure Gel). It does make the juice thicker, but certainly not jelly or jam thick and doesn’t affect the taste at all. Can’t answer this, and it seems you may have not read through the post completely. I haven’t tried this yet, but I probably will, I just half-assed started a fat-burning detox today (exercise combined with caffeine-guarana-niacin pills + diet, plus reversing my metabolism on the last day, cranberry juice for hydration and cleansing, all the goodies). Been having some medical issues so I stopped smoking in mid to late January.. Had an interview Feb. 16.. Drank plenty of water and tea, popped some niacin (I know that doesn’t really do anything). Anyway, I had not even applied at Walgreens, but I was buying some items and the assistant manager was checking me out, making small talk. I have a blood test but was only given enough notice that I could stop smoking 2 days before. But I have a question. In the end, your personal subjective viewpoints are eviscerated by global objective science. Most drug tests are Urine. Thankfully my urine was yellow. thats really messed up. Then about 40oz of water with apple cider vinegar. Certo helps the detox a little yes, through help moving THC out with your faeces, so using it several times definitely wouldn’t hurt, but don’t expect wonders. I have a test tomorrow that I have to pass so wish me luck? If I end up pissing the perfect piss I need at home, I’ll prob just end up taking that pee in an old synthetic pee bottle with temp strip to the dr (it’s unsupervised) and just warm it up and wrap it up in hand warmers and use what I know worked. 4 tests all came up positive. Also, will it work if i give it only 1 1/2 hours? The last time I smoked was 11 days ago, about 4 hits from a joint. Between 7am-8am I fixed myself up another sure gel + 32 oz Gatorade. The misinformation i gathered online about the certo method may have gotten me into a lot of trouble. Cranberry juice not gonna do a whole lot imo. It then overloads your body with vitamins, minerals, and creatine, so that they pass through your filtering system and into your bladder. I was forced to drug test for 10 weeks and used certo for all 10 weeks. I ordered the 50ng/mL cut off level tests, but after opening the package I came to realize real fast that per the instructions paper, it was @ the 20ng/mL cut off level! When it comes to using someone elses pee no they won’t detect it isn’t yours. You shouldn't try to use Certo to pass any kind of a drug test because it's pretty Take b12 if you decide to do this to make your piss passable and don't take. Then… Only thing I would do different is maybe take another bottle of gator and certo to the testing office and drink it while waiting. When you post a comment you will notice it says it is waiting for approval. I stopped choochin 10 days before my lab test. Worked out 2x between Friday 20th and Wednesday 25th. Was your urine too diluted? Btw, tomorrow will be Wednesday, when I was planning on taking it. Not only did I have to take off my jacket and empty out all of my pockets (leaving all contents in the room) but I had to wash my hands with soap and water before being led to the bathroom. from your test. In this article, we will be focusing on how to use Certo in order to pass a urinary drug test with the Certo for THC detox method being designed to remove drug toxins from the body on a temporary basis. I have a drug test in the morning. Would cetro help so prevent detection? This is so that a user can pass a urine drug test. Hey guys I only smoke about once every other week with my buddies and recently had my first weed brownie. Ate 2 sausages and 1 hash brown, light breakfast. So they did the certo after they ate supper, then again when they woke up the next morning. And again as you’re saying, they’re not fool-proof compared to a lab examination of your urine sample so I always suggest still going through with your detox plan. That is, if you have any experience with that kind of question. So the Certo drug test instructions are: 4:35- Left the house, peed 6 times within 3:00pm by now it was clear. I took the last 3 pills at 2 pm. There was no color whatsoever to the urine. Wont get my results til next thursday but will repost if method still works for me. I mean, it seems an alright timing to take it, but in my opinion the Certo method is always somewhat risky so the only way to actually know is when you get your results back. But wasn’t sure if just this one box was the right amount? What I found was that you’re basically supposed to mix a packet of this crap with a 32 oz. If you only smoked those 2 hits in the last 2 months, I wouldn’t worry about those in specific, that’s likely negligable. It can detoxify your system from drugs and their metabolites. Since I wasn’t going to be able to start in time I kept smoking (DUMB!!!) You best bet would likely be hoping it isn’t supervised and having some fake urine with you. (Side note: if you get called out for having diluted urine, the “health problems” excuse always works for me. will be helpful. I was worried to say the least, plus I wanted to burn one really bad.

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