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On 1 April 1928 the City of Höchst became part of Frankfurt, as well as its city districts Sindlingen, Unterliederbach and Zeilsheim. Central Frankfurt has been a Großstadt (a city with at least 100,000 residents by definition) since 1875. The Alte Oper is a former opera house, hence the name "Old Opera". Sonst. The first building to exceed the 95-metre-high cathedral was not an office building but a grain silo, the 120-metre-high (390 ft) Henninger Turm, built from 1959 to 1961. Frankfurt – Frankfurt Airport – Rüsselsheim – Mainz – Bingen – Koblenz/Bad Kreuznach – Saarbrücken RE 4 Frankfurt – Frankfurt-Höchst – Mainz – Worms – Ludwigshafen – Germersheim – Karlsruhe It is at the interface between the inner city and the southern suburbs and it is served by, in addition to the regional services discussed above, lines S 3 to S 6 of the Rhine-Main S-Bahn, U-Bahn services on corridor A (U 1 to U 3 and U 8), tram lines , , and the Ebbelwei Express. Passenger traffic at Frankfurt Airport in 2018 was 69,510,269 passengers. [15] The French claimed that Articles 42 to 44 of the peace treaty of Versailles concerning the demilitarisation of the Rhineland had been broken. Book your tickets online for the top things to do in Frankfurt, Germany on Tripadvisor: See 319,127 traveller reviews and photos of Frankfurt tourist attractions. The airport has four runways and serves 265 non-stop destinations. The southern exit from the station leads to the Mörfelder Landstraße. Visit top-rated & must-see attractions. Herzlich Willkommen auf den Seiten der Grünen. The local Journal Frankfurt is the best-known magazine for events, parties, and "insider tips". Frankfurt is home to the German office of Reuters, a global news agency. Around the same time, Frankfurter Büro Center and City-Haus (142.4 metres and 142.1 metres) were constructed at Mainzer Landstraße and Eurotower (148.0 metres) and Garden Tower (127.0 metres; then called Helaba-Hochhaus) were constructed in the financial district. According to historian David Gans, the city was named c. 146 AD by its builder, a Frankish king named Zuna, who ruled over the province then known as Sicambri. Frankfurt is home to multiple trade unions and associations, including: Two important daily newspapers are published. Frankfurt am Main Braubachstrasse Altstadt. Offizieller Kanal der NIVUS GmbH. The Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies, sponsored by several institutional and private sources, is involved in theoretical research in physics, chemistry, neuroscience, and computer science. [47], Frankfurt was voted the 7th in the Mercer Quality of Living Survey by the Mercer Quality of Living Survey (2012),[48] seventh in the Mercer Quality of Living Survey (2010) and 18th at the Economist's World's Most Liveable Cities Survey (2011). Afterwards, the building was used for church services again. The district is mainly designated as residential area. These can be spotted with their blue color scheme. There are three stations for intercity bus services in Frankfurt: one at the south side of the Central Station, one at the Terminal 2 of the airport and another one at Stephanstraße. On 1 August 1972, Hesse's smaller suburbs of Harheim, Kalbach, Nieder-Erlenbach, and Nieder-Eschbach became districts while other neighbouring suburbs chose to join the Main-Taunus-Kreis, the Landkreis Offenbach, the Kreis Groß-Gerau, the Hochtaunuskreis, the Main-Kinzig-Kreis or the Wetteraukreis. Category:Boroughs of Frankfurt am Main. The geographical centre is in Bockenheim district near Frankfurt West station. Mit Tanzmusik aus dem Computer feign zwei Frankfurter Klangbastler weltweit Erfolge", European cities outperform their English counterparts, "FR-Online: Frankfurt ist zweitattraktivste Stadt Deutschlands", " Statistik aktuell Nr. Today it serves as a part of the Historical Museum. By the 19th century, the name Frankfurt had been established as the official spelling. März 2016 (Stimmen in Prozent) % 30. Frankfurt, Darmstadt Government Region, Hesse, Germany : Authority control Q198181. The 46 city districts combine into 16 area districts (Ortsbezirke), which each have a district committee and chairperson. The ECB sets monetary policy for the Eurozone, consisting of 19 EU member states that have adopted the Euro (€) as their common currency. It was constructed as a terminus station and was the largest train station in Europe by floor area until 1915 when Leipzig Central Station was opened. The Römer was partially destroyed in World War II and later rebuilt. … "[75] European competition commissioner Joaquín Almunia said. Hosted in Frankfurt are the Frankfurt Motor Show (Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung – IAA), the world's largest auto show, the Frankfurt Book Fair (Frankfurter Buchmesse), the world's largest book fair, the Ambiente Frankfurt, the world's largest consumer goods fair, the Achema, the world's largest plant engineering fair, and many more like Paperworld, Christmasworld, Beautyworld, Tendence Lifestyle or Light+Building. It is one of the few cities in the European Union (EU) to have such a skyline, which is why Germans sometimes refer to Frankfurt as Mainhattan, a portmanteau of the local Main River and Manhattan. Frankfurt is home to the German headquarters of Nestlé, the world's largest food company, located in Niederrad. The collection of historically significant Cairo Genizah documents of the Municipal Library was destroyed by the bombing. The minimum service interval is 2.5 minutes, although the usual pattern is that each line runs at 7.5 to 10-minute intervals, which produce between 3 and 5-minute intervals on city centre tracks shared by more than one line. Eurodance and Trance music originated in Frankfurt. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Ortsteile aufgeteilt. Frankfurt has a temperate-oceanic climate (Köppen: Cfb). Die restlichen Stadtteilgrenzen mit Wikipediaartikeln der Stadtteile verknüpft. 84 percent of the inhabitants like to live in Frankfurt, 13 percent would rather choose to live somewhere else. Frankfurt has partnerships with the following cities: Römer, the German word for Roman, is a complex of nine houses that form the Frankfurt city hall (Rathaus). Music institutions are the Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts, and the Hoch Conservatory (Dr. Hoch's Konservatorium) which was founded in 1878. 20 museums are part of the Museumsufer, located on the front row of both sides of the Main riverbank or nearby, which was created on an initiative by cultural politician Hilmar Hoffmann. Additionally, it is an important terminal stop for three "Metrobus" lines (M32, M36, M73). Issues with staff or other members should be addressed through pm to admin RU; DE; FR; ES; Remember this site Frankfurt is home to the German office of the International Finance Corporation (IFC), which is part of the World Bank Group. Frankfurt has the State Institution of Higher Learning for Artistic Education known as the Städelschule, founded in 1817 by Johann Friedrich Städel. Flughafen became an official city district in 1979. The former steel train shed was demolished during the U-Bahn construction and not rebuilt. It now contains a large supermarket and an office of the Frankfurt city library. The Frankfurter Hof is a landmarked hotel in the city centre at Kaiserplatz, built from 1872 to 1876. SPD. Außerdem kommt die Beschilderung des … This category has the following 16 subcategories, out of 16 total. A quarter of the population consists of foreign nationals, including many expatriates. Accessoires et alimentation pour animaux, blog animaux Dalberg abdicated in favour of Eugène de Beauharnais, which of course was only a symbolic action, as the latter effectively never ruled after the ruin of the French armies and Frankfurt's takeover by the allies. In 2012, Peter Feldmann (SPD) succeeded Roth as Lord Mayor. 73,200 people were employed at banks in 2010. With a population of 732,688 (2015) within its administrative boundaries[24] and of 2,300,000 in the actual urban area,[4] Frankfurt is the fifth-largest city in Germany, after Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Cologne. Uber ceased operations in Frankfurt on 9 November 2015 after operating in the city for 18 months. Neben dem ältesten Haus des Stadtteils von 1662 lassen sich hier auch Schmuckfassaden aus der Gründerzeit entdecken. Frankfurt – Frankfurt Süd – Offenbach – Hanau – Babenhausen – Groß-Umstadt Wiebelsbach (– Erbach – Eberbach) 120 perc RB 51: Frankfurt – Frankfurt Süd – Offenbach – Hanau – Langenselbold – Gelnhausen – Wächtersbach (– Bad Soden-Salmünster) 60 perc RB 58: Frankfurt – Frankfurt Süd – Maintal Ost – Hanau It transformed to Frankenfort during the Middle Ages and then to Franckfort and Franckfurth in the modern era. Due to troop reductions the AFN's location has been closed with AFN now broadcasting from Mannheim. A third terminal is being constructed (planned to open in 2023). [citation needed] The Consulate General of the United States in Eckenheim is the largest American consulate in the world. The South-Korean automobile manufacturer Kia Motors moved its European headquarters to Frankfurt in 2007. Diese entsprechen den Ortsbezirken. This tradition ended in 1792, when Franz II was elected. Goitein, "not even handlists indicating its contents have survived."[18]. For centuries, St. Bartholomeus's Cathedral was the tallest structure. Frankfurt-Süd. [citation needed] In order to assure maintenance and support of the school PCs, the city in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences launched the project Fraline – IT-Schul-Service, an initiative employing students to provide basic school IT-support. Frankfurt Trade Fair (Messe Frankfurt) has the third-largest exhibition site in the world with a total of 578,000 square metres (6,221,540 square feet). The current building was opened in 1914. in Oberrad, Niederrad und Sachsenhausen. Bài này viết về thành phố Frankfurt am Main. Although today Hauptwache is mostly associated with the inner-city underground train station of the same name, the name originates from a baroque building on the square above the station. Tram line starts at the Südbahnhof/Schweizer Straße stop. Kronberg im Taunus is home of the German headquarters of automobile manufacturer Jaguar Cars as well as the German headquarters of Accenture. Das Symbol verlinkt zu weiteren Informationen über eine ausgewählte Gebietseinheit inklusive ihrer Bevölkerungsstruktur (Geschlecht, Altersgruppen, Staatsangehörigkeit). The following Regional-Express and Regionalbahn services stop at Frankfurt South station: Frankfurt South station plays a particularly important role for transport. Ten museums are located on the southern riverbank in Sachsenhausen between the Eiserner Steg and the Friedensbrücke. The Great Room inside the House of the Golden Scales Grosse Stube in der Goldenen Wage [7] Among global cities it was ranked 10th by the Global Power City Index 2011 and 11th by the Global City Competitiveness Index 2012. According to the demographic forecasts for central Frankfurt, the city will have a population up to 825,000 within its administrative boundaries in 2020 and more than 2.5 million inhabitants in its urban area. A Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof Frankfurt am Main legfontosabb pályaudvara, fejpályaudvar. Three of the four largest international accountancy and professional services firms (Big Four) are present. With 20,000 employees in 2003, Opel was one of the five largest employers in Hesse. Many international banks have a registered or a representative office, e.g., Credit Suisse, UBS, Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, JPMorgan Chase & Co., Bank of China, Banco do Brasil, Itaú Unibanco Société Générale, BNP Paribas, SEB, Royal Bank of Scotland and Barclays. St. Paul's Church (Paulskirche) is a national historic monument in Germany because it was the seat of the first democratically elected parliament in 1848. After the war, at the end of the year 1945, the number had dropped to 358,000. Bahnhofsviertel. For this reason Frankfurt's property market often operates differently than the rest of the country where the prices are generally flatter. Qualitäten und Besonderheiten der Frankfurter Stadtteile. The inscription on the frieze of the Alte Oper says: "Dem Wahren, Schönen, Guten" ("To the true, the beautiful, the good"). The city honours the importance of the ECB by officially using the slogan "The City of the Euro" since 1998. Some like Nordend and Westend arose during the rapid growth of the city in the Gründerzeit following the Unification of Germany, while others were formed from territory which previously belonged to other city district(s), such as Dornbusch and Riederwald. The Military Governor for the United States Zone (1945–1949) and the United States High Commissioner for Germany (HICOG) (1949–1952) had their headquarters in the IG Farben Building, intentionally left undamaged by the Allies' wartime bombardment. By the 16th century Frankfurt had developed into an important European hub for trade fairs and financial services. Frankfurt schools rank among the best equipped schools nationwide for availability of PCs and other media facilities. Women's side 1. Frankfurt is the centre of the densely populated Frankfurt Rhine-Main Metropolitan Region with a population of 5.5 million. The other important newspaper, the Frankfurter Rundschau, was first published in 1945 and has a daily circulation of over 181,000. This Station, located in Bockenheim, is served by north-heading Long-Distance ICE trains, multiple regional trains, and four commuter S-Bahn lines (S3, S4, S5, S6). The Saalhof was partly destroyed in World War II and later rebuilt. Das Stadtgebiet von Frankfurt ist für statistische Zwecke in 46 Stadt- bzw. In 1876 it was renamed Lokalbahnhof; the Frankfurt Lokalbahnhof S-Bahn station is named in its honour, although it is about 250 metres south of the old station, which closed in 1955. Für ältere Menschen, die sich präventiv beraten lassen möchten. The Bundesautobahn 66 (A66) connects Frankfurt with Wiesbaden in the west and Fulda in the east. Frankfurt is located on both sides of the Main River, south-east of the Taunus mountain range. Aufgeteilt ist die Stadt in 43 Stadtteile. Its importance has its roots in the Frankfurt Parliament, which met in the church during the revolutionary years of 1848/49 in order to write a constitution for a united Germany. [56] All Rhine-Main S-Bahn lines, two U-Bahn lines (U4, U5), several tram and bus lines stop there. E.g. It is part of Steigenberger Hotels group and is considered the city's most prestigious. Kein Stadtteil gleicht dem anderen, jeder Stadtteil hat sein eigenes Gesicht. Hier bieten wir teambee - Ihnen eine Übersicht von allen Bezirken - Stadtteile, Daten-Fakten von PLZ, Einwohnerzahl und Haushalte in Frankfurt am Main in Bundesland Hessen. The rate for personal safety-relevant crimes such as murder, manslaughter, rape or bodily harm, is 3.4 percent, placing Frankfurt twelfth in the ranking (related to the official 680,000-inhabitant figure) or number 21 (related to the one-million-figure). Partnerships and city friendships are a weaker form of cooperation than the sister city relationship, acting more like a fixed-term cooperation or limited to certain projects. Until the opening of the line south of the Main, trains from Bebra to Frankfurt had to use the North Main line and the Frankfurt City Link Line. The Bankenviertel (banking district), Frankfurt's financial district, is also not an administrative city district (it covers parts of the western Innenstadt district, the southern Westend district and the eastern Bahnhofsviertel district). Für Menschen mit psychischen Beeinträchtigungen oder Demenz. Like France and Franconia, the city is named after the Franks. It was part of Bonames until 1996. All lines, except line S7, run through the Frankfurt city tunnel and serve the stations Ostendstraße, Konstablerwache, Hauptwache, Taunusanlage and Frankfurt Central Station. Before World War II the city was globally noted for its unique old town with timber-framed buildings, the largest timber-framed old town in Europe. Frankfurt hosts the following sports teams or clubs: Frankfurt is host to the classic cycle race Eschborn-Frankfurt City Loop (known as Rund um den Henninger-Turm from 1961 to 2008). Its three main halls were constructed in a neorenaissance-style, while the later enlargement with two outer halls in 1924 was constructed in neoclassic-style. A few landmark buildings were reconstructed historically, albeit in a simplified manner (e.g., Römer, St. Paul's Church, and Goethe House). With more than 30 museums, Frankfurt has one of the largest variety of museums in Europe. According to an annual study by Cushman & Wakefield, the European Cities Monitor (2010), Frankfurt has been one of the top three cities for international companies in Europe, after London and Paris, since the survey started in 1990. Until the year 1877 the city's territory consisted of the present-day inner-city districts of Altstadt, Innenstadt, Bahnhofsviertel, Gutleutviertel, Gallus, Westend, Nordend, Ostend and Sachsenhausen. In addition, cyclists are allowed to ride many cramped one-way streets in both directions. Paulskirche. Frankfurt ob Majni (nemško Frankfurt am Main) je največje mesto v nemški zvezni deželi Hessen in peto največje mesto v Nemčiji. Nextbike also makes bicycles available for hire in Frankfurt. His coronation was deliberately held on Bastille Day, 14 July, the anniversary of the storming of the Bastille. History. [12] The name is derived from the Franconofurd of the Germanic tribe of the Franks; Furt (cf. Lufthansa Flight Training is also based here. Notable live music venues of the past include the Sinkkasten Arts Club (1971–2011) and the King Kamehameha Club (1999–2013). Frankfurt Central Station (Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof, often abbreviated as Frankfurt (Main) Hbf or F-Hbf) is the largest railway station in Germany by railway traffic. Jump to navigation Jump to search. In 2010, 63 national and 152 international banks had their registered offices in Frankfurt, including Germany's major banks, notably Deutsche Bank, DZ Bank, KfW and Commerzbank, as well as 41 representative offices of international banks.[6]. From 1356 onwards, kings of the Holy Roman Empire were elected in this church, and from 1562 to 1792, Roman-German emperors were crowned there. [citation needed], As a profoundly international city, Frankfurt hosts 92 diplomatic missions (consulates and consulates-general). Reasonator; Scholia; Statistics; Subcategories. Bài này viết về thành phố Frankfurt am Main. According to Arabist and Genizah scholar S.D. The trains that run on the U-Bahn are in fact light rail (Stadtbahn) as many lines travel along a track in the middle of the street instead of underground further from the city centre. It was created on territory that had formerly belonged to Eckenheim and Ginnheim. By daily passenger volume, it ranks second together with Munich Central Station (350,000 each) after Hamburg Central Station (450,000). Together with these towns (and some larger nearby towns, e.g., Hanau, Rodgau, Dreieich, Langen) Frankfurt forms a contiguous built-up urban area called Stadtregion Frankfurt which is not an official administrative district. Clubs concentrate in and around the city centre and in the Ostend district, mainly close to Hanauer Landstraße. Zum Ortsbezirk Frankfurt-Süd gehören fünf Stadtteile: Flughafen; Niederrad; Oberrad; Sachsenhausen-Nord; Sachsenhausen-Süd; Der früher zu Frankfurt-Schwanheim gehörende Stadtbezirk Goldstein-Ost wurde zum 1. Nida (Heddernheim) was also a Roman civitas capital. Most skyscrapers and high-rise office buildings are located in the financial district (Bankenviertel) near the city centre, around the trade fair premises (Europaviertel) and at Mainzer Landstraße between Opernplatz and Platz der Republik, which connects the two areas. These markets are at the heart of the financial system and it is crucial for the whole European economy that they remain competitive. After the ill-fated revolution of 1848, Frankfurt was the seat of the first democratically elected German parliament, the Frankfurt Parliament, which met in the Frankfurter Paulskirche (St. Paul's Church) and was opened on 18 May 1848. Westend-Süd. the Skyliners Frankfurt won the German Basketball Championship in 2004 and the German Cup in 2000. An hourly bus service runs from Frankfurt Central Station, taking just over 2 hours. Westend Süd; Stadtteile ohne selbstverwaltung in Westend Süd Its library, with over 130,000 volumes, is one of the largest specialised archaeological libraries in the world. the Museumsufer ensemble with Städel and Liebieghaus, Senckenberg Natural Museum, Goethe House and the Schirn art venue at the old town). The Römer area was later rebuilt and is popular with visitors and for events such as Christmas markets. Die Stadtteile Nordend, Sachsenhausen und Westend sind für statistische Zwecke zusätzlich in Nord und Süd oder Ost und West unterteilt. Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu are present, while Ernst & Young is located in Eschborn. The business centre of Eschborn is located right at Frankfurt's city limits in the west and attracts businesses with significantly lower corporate taxes compared to Frankfurt. [29] and 27.7% of residents had a foreign citizenship.[30].üd_station&oldid=958217880, Railway stations in Germany opened in 1873, Buildings and structures completed in 1914, Infobox mapframe without OSM relation ID on Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Düsseldorf – Köln – Bonn – Koblenz – Mainz –, Kronberg (Taunus) – Frankfurt Hbf (tief) –, This page was last edited on 22 May 2020, at 15:02. Dem Namen nach sind es allerdings nur 43 Stadtteile, da drei Stadtteile (Nordend, Sachsenhausen und Westend) noch einmal in Ost und West bzw. The European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA) is an institution of the EU and part of the European System of Financial Supervisors that was created in response to the financial crisis of 2007–2008. 8,9. Some of them have won German Championships. Frankfurt's skyline is shaped by some of Europe's tallest skyscrapers. 8,5. It is the oldest and most unaltered building in the Innenstadt district. The airport also serves as a hub for Condor and as the main hub for German flag carrier Lufthansa. Gewerbegebiet Brauerei . Frankfurt (Main) Süd (German for Frankfurt (Main) South) or Frankfurt Südbahnhof is one of three railway stations for long-distance train services in Frankfurt, Germany. Gewinne und Verluste. Its renowned cultural venues include the concert hall Alte Oper, Europe's largest English theatre and many museums (e.g. Located in Frankfurt are the German headquarters of Jones Lang LaSalle and BNP Paribas Real Estate. It was rebuilt after the bombings, but the interior is … Verwaltungszentrum. Visit top-rated & must-see attractions. Other important cities in the region are Wiesbaden (capital of Hesse), Mainz (capital of Rhineland-Palatinate), Darmstadt, Offenbach am Main, Hanau, Aschaffenburg, Bad Homburg vor der Höhe, Rüsselsheim, Wetzlar and Marburg. Frankfurt offers a variety of restaurants, bars, pubs and clubs. Frankfurt Egelsbach Airport (Flugplatz Frankfurt-Egelsbach) is a busy general aviation airport located south-east of Frankfurt Airport, near Egelsbach. Today the Frankfurt Stock Exchange is by far the largest in Germany, with a turnover of more than 90 percent of the German stock market and is the third-largest in Europe after the London Stock Exchange and the European branch of the NYSE Euronext. The Sankt Georgen Graduate School of Philosophy and Theology (German:Philosophisch-Theologische Hochschule Sankt Georgen), a private institution with membership in the German Jesuit Association, has been located in Sachsenhausen since 1950. The other well-known and obvious nickname is Bankfurt. The oldest and best-known university is the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, with locations in Bockenheim, Westend, and Riedberg, and the university hospital in Niederrad. Most routes have at least 15-minute service during the day, either by one line running every 15 minutes, or by two lines servicing one route at a 30-minute interval. Wie kann der Verbleib im eigenen Zuhause auch im höheren Alter gelingen? The Grand Duchy remained a short episode lasting from 1810 to 1813, when the military tide turned in favour of the Anglo-Prussian led allies that overturned the Napoleonic order. In sports, the city is known as the home of the top-tier football club Eintracht Frankfurt, the Löwen Frankfurt ice hockey team, the basketball club Frankfurt Skyliners, the Frankfurt Marathon and the venue of Ironman Germany. This marked the only civic foundation of a university in Germany; today it is one of Germany's largest. Der Südbahnhof von Frankfurt am Main ist neben dem Hauptbahnhof, dem Flughafen-Fernbahnhof sowie dem Flughafen Regionalbahnhof einer von vier Fernbahnhöfen in Frankfurt am Main sowie ein Bahnhof des Regional- und S-Bahn Verkehrs. Other major German banks include Frankfurter Volksbank, the second-largest Volksbank in Germany, Frankfurter Sparkasse and old-established private banks such as Bankhaus Metzler, Hauck & Aufhäuser and Delbrück Bethmann Maffei. The Hauptwache building was constructed in 1730 and was used as a prison, therefore the name that translates as "main guard-house". The Frankfurter Messe (Frankfurt Trade Fair) was first mentioned in 1150. im Vergleich zu 2011 %p 10 8 6 4 2 0 -2 -4 Die Grenze zwischen Nord und Süd bildet hauptsächlich der Grüneburgweg.Das Westend gilt als Stadtteil mit bürgerlichen, gutsituierten Einwohnern und überdurchschnittlichen Immobilienpreisen. The first high-rise building boom came in the 1970s when Westend Gate (then called Plaza Büro Center) and Silberturm were constructed and became the tallest buildings in Germany with a height of 159.3 metres and 166.3 metres, respectively. Das Symbol verlinkt zu weiteren Informationen über eine ausgewählte Gebietseinheit inklusive ihrer Bevölkerungsstruktur (Geschlecht, Altersgruppen, Staatsangehörigkeit). Its central location within Germany and Europe makes Frankfurt a major air, rail and road transport hub. The Frankfurt Stock Exchange is one of the world's largest stock exchanges by market capitalization and accounts for more than 90 percent of the turnover in the German market. In Frankfurt am Main werden Jugendhilfe-, Sozialhilfeaufgaben und die Aufgaben des Ausgleichsamtes im Jugend- und Sozialamt Internal Link wahrgenommen. Frankfurt is one of two locations of the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht, short: BaFin). Goethe Business School is part of the University's House of Finance at Campus Westend. St. Paul's was partially destroyed in World War II, particularly its interior, which now has a modern appearance. Netzwerke und Verbände Austausch von Informationen und Qualitätssicherung durch Verbände. Schwanheim. Messtechnik für die Wasserwirtschaft According to statistics, 46.7% of immigrants in Frankfurt come from other countries in the EU; 24.5% come from European countries that are not part of the EU; 15.7% come from Asia (including Western Asia and South Asia); 7.3% come from Africa; 3.4% come from North America (including the Caribbean and Central America); 0.2% come from Australia and Zealandia; 2.3% come from South America; and 1.1% come from Pacific island nations.

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